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Yes, as long as they are properly licensed in your state, you can hire and fire a benefits broker at-will. In fact if you are responsible for choosing an employee benefits broker, odds are very good you are also a plan “fiduciary” as defined by federal law (ERISA). You have an obligation to manage your benefit plan(s) in the best interests of your employees, and we believe that means partnering with an experienced advisor and broker.
Personal relationships are still very important in choosing to keep or replace a consulting broker, but the sheer cost and complexity of modern benefit plans tends to favor hiring the most competent and cost effective advisor


No. For any group insurance and individual policies for which you pay a monthly premium, you can change with a simple Broker of Record (BOR) letter effective on the first day of any month you choose. However, there are some exclusive broker arrangements with certain products, collective bargaining units, trusts and associations that may preclude you or your organization from selecting its own broker.


Yes, they do. They have a “name brand” and a large diversity of personalities on staff from which to build solid client relationships in many communities. Prior to web-enabling service applications, they also had a technology advantage, the perception of which still lingers in the marketplace. Most national “name brand” firms have very good people who work for them somewhere in their food chain.
Generally, these large “chain” brokers are supremely profitable organizations that earn substantial bonuses and commission overrides, sponsor events and make charitable contributions that are beyond the capacity of independent brokers like GGB.


Yes, that’s why we are growing. It is often very easy for us to prove we can under charge and out perform our competitors. If we had to pick only one advantage, it would be cost. We are not publicly-traded, have no retired partners, no expensive office leases, no prior or pending lawsuits, very little advertising and promotional expenses, no proprietary software to maintain, and no exposure to the property and casualty markets. As such, our commissions and fees are often substantially less than the national firms. We also maintain significant service advantages that, of course, you will have to experience for yourself first hand.


You can replace us as soon as you make this determination. We can be fired as easily as we can be hired. We just don't plan on giving our clients any reason to do so!


We handle groups of nearly 3000 employees all the way down to individual medical insurance and everything in between. We have specialists in our office who know how to equip our clients no matter how large or small


Ideally, we want clients that we can have real relationships with. Rarely is the story “all good” or “all bad.” We want our clients to be “real” with us and tell us when we are hitting the mark, and when we need to aim in a different direction for them. In the same way, we want to be able to communicate with our clients in a manner that is respectful, and also legitimately expressing the status of every situation we work through together.


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